We want you. No, really, we do…

“What’s this WBNW thingy all about then?”  If we’ve answered that once in the last couple of days, we’ve answered it ten times…  So here is a definitive breakdown of the what, the why, the wherefore – and what we need you to do!

World Book Night – Worthing – (WBNW – it’s even got the local postcode in there.  Natty, huh?) is a local offshoot from the national World Book Night which is the first event of its kind and will see a million books being given away across the country on Saturday 5 March.

Each giver had to choose their favourite book from a list of 25 curated by the World Book Night organisers (a post on why ‘Northern Lights’ was chosen is coming soon…) and each giver is free to give their 48 copies away as they see fit.

So what’s going on in Worthing then?

On Saturday 5 March, Mooey’s Mocha Shop will be opening their doors between 4.30pm and 6pm to host the inaugural WBNW event.  Organiser Chris is working hard to try and build an event that won’t only be great fun on the day, but one which may have a lasting effect in the local community.

Why Mooey’s?

Because it’s a great venue, has a great vibe and Linzi jumped at the opportunity.  Plus, let’s not beat about the bush here, the cakes are awesome, as is the coffee (the Chai Latte also comes very highly recommended).  And there’s nothing better than settling down with a great book with a steaming mug of coffee and slice of cake on the side.

What’s going to be going on at the event?

First and foremost, coffee will be drunk, cakes will be consumed and books will be given away.   We’re also trying to secure a number of local writers and authors to give short readings from their works too.

There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion, for meeting new people and doing all sorts of interesting literary-type things.

What can you do to get involved?

Turn up!
The books are going to be given away all through the event, so don’t think that just because you can’t make it through the doors before 4.45pm that you’re not in with a chance of going home with a great addition to the bookcase.

Share your work!
If you’re a writer or author and would like the chance to read from your own work for about five minutes, get in touch now!  If you don’t enjoy getting up in front of a crowd, don’t worry – drop us an email and we’ll find someone to do the reading for you.

Share your favourite book!
Alternatively, you might have one book that you love above all others and would like to share with the crowd.  If that sounds like you, let us know and we can fit you into the reading slots!

The only caveat on any readings is that the subject and language used is suitable for all age groups – this is an event open to even the youngest reader after all!

Spread the word!
Follow WBNW on Twitter, ‘Like’ our Facebook page and keep coming back to this blog!  In the next couple of days we will have the posters and promotional material finalised – and we need your help to get them out into the community!

What does the future hold?

We would like to use World Book Night to start a programme of literary events in and around Worthing.

This might include book groups, reading events, local author events and so on.

If this sounds like something that you’d be interested in taking part in, or helping with the organising of, let us know!

Onwards and forwards then, only 10 days to go…


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