End of year Books read RoundUp of 2014

Firstly we hope you have all had a fab Christmas!
As in previous years we have kept a reading list throughout the year of all the books read & smashed the target of 50 books by hitting over 70!!!
Again as per usual you can see all the books below with the obligatory Star Rating (* ~ LOW **** ~ AWSOME). All rating are personal & are only aimed as suggestions.
Why not share with us your lists from the year & give your ratings?
And if you have any suggestions for future good reads or would like to feature on the blog next year, please get in touch!
Happy New Year!

Books Read In 2014:

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell**
The Shock Of a The Fall **
The Dark Inside *
Ender’s Game*
Fringe: The Burning Man**
I Am Malala***
Stone Rain****
Homeland:Carrie’s Run**
The Watcher In The Shadows**
Sophie’s World**
My Policeman****
The Vanishing Act Of Esme Lennox**
The Maze Runner*
The Cuckoo’s Calling*
The X Files: Season 10***
Neverwhere: Graphic Book ***
The Talented Mr Ripley*
Flowers In The Attic***
Dear Fatty****
Harry P. & TheOrderOfThePhoenix**
Dr. Yes**
Want You Dead***
The Rats*
The Fault In Our Stars ****
Waldon Two**
NoOneBelongsHereMore Than You**
Marvel 1692**
Harry Potter&TheHalfBloodPrince***
Odd & The Frost Giants*
A Liar’s Autobiography**
V For Vendetta***
Dear Me***
Beyond the Fringe***
Batman: Black & White**
Fire Gospel**
The Coma*
Petals In The Wind**
The Good The Bad & The Furry**
The Long Earth*
Murder Mysteries***
The Shadow Of The Wind**
No Safe House***
Raven Girl***
Crazy Hair**
The Book Of Lost Things**
Violent Cases****
HarryPotter & The Deathly Hallows****
Mrs Fry’s Diary***
Under The Skin*
Aliens: Alien Harvest*
Aliens: Rogue*
Dead Letter Drop*
Good Omens*
The Fall Of Five***
Look Who It Is!**
The Midwich Cuckoos**
Evelyn Evelyn ***
Equations Of Life*
Hawthorne & Child*
Blade Runner 2*

PS~ My Policeman was the best read book for us of them all last year!


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