Books read in 2013- a quick review!

I won’t keep you long and as everybody quite rightly should read a book themselves to get their own take on them,I won’t give you full reviews on the books we read this year- as like last year each book listed features a Star Rating.

5= Fantastic/Highly recommended.
1= Barely finished.

Not Dead Yet***
Clay **
The Obelisk*
The Night Eternal**
Five Weeks In A Balloon**
Dumb Witness*
Gone Girl*
Chocolat **
Queen Of The Damned**
Never Saw It Coming***
The Bone Bed**
All The Wrong Questions: “Who Could This Be at This Hour?”**
The Vampire Armand**
The Tale Of The Body Thief**
License Renewed*
Dead Man’s Time***
Bad Move****
City Of Bones*
Bad Guys**
Before Watchman 1-4**
Beautiful Creatures*
Memnock The Devil**
The Tower**
The Ocean At The End Of The Lane**
The Host**
World War Z*
The Rise Of Nine**
Marianne Dreams*
Pride & Prejudice ***
Vittorio The Vampire*
It Chooses You****
Fortunately The Milk***
Fringe:The Zodiac Paradox***
Tron: Betrayal*
Death Comes To Pemberley*
Scott Pilgrim Vol.1****
The Book Thief*
Aliens: Steel Egg**
Automated Alice**
Beatrice And Virgil***
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower***
Scott Pilgrim Vol.2**
Son Of Rosemary*
The Mysterious Affair At Styles**
The Ruby In The Smoke**
Scott Pilgrim Vol.3**
Aliens: Earth Hive**
Lone Wolf**
The Shadow In The North**
Aliens: Nightmare Asylum**
Aliens: The Female War**

This year we managed a total of 54 books read. Let’s see if we can beat it for 2014!

If you would like any further info on any of the books listed above, please get in touch.
That’s it. Have a fantastic New Year celebration and we’ll see you on the other side :)🎉🍻🎊



2013 in review- Worthing Book NetWork

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 18 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Commonwealth Writers & a missed opportunity at this year’s #Hay25

At this years recent Hay Festival, we were privileged to get tickets to the free event which celebrated the first public awards ceremony for the Commonwealth Writers. Continue reading “Commonwealth Writers & a missed opportunity at this year’s #Hay25”

Books I have read in 2011

So here is the list of books I have read this year. Some I have loved and some…..not so much.
I have given each title a star rating from 1-4. 1 being disappointing and 4 being incredible!
For me, the books of 2011 have been:
Room by @EDonoghueWriter
Life Of Pi by Yann Martel
Breakfast At Tiffany’s by Truman Capote

I have been lucky enough to experience all that is Hay Festival and have been introduced to some lovely local writers of which will be on my reading list of 2012!

Here’s to another fantastic year of books and book lovers!

Room ****
Breaking Dawn ***
Never Look Away **
Look Back In Hunger ***
Hide & Seek **
Dexter Is Delicious *
Anansi Boys **
A Tint Bit Marvellous **
The Moon Pool *
Even The Dogs *
Dead As A Doornail **
A Tale Of Two Cities ***
Not Dead Enough ***
Glasshopper **
The Hobbit *
Nineteen Eighty-Four ****
Life Of Pi ****
Little Face *
Stop Me *
Notes On A Scandal ***
Mirrormask **
Ghostwritten **
The Handmai’s Tale *
The Tiger’s Wife **
Tinker,Tailor, Soldier, Spy *
Port Mortuary **
War Of The Worlds **
The Fall **
Alice In Zombieland **
Pigeon English *
Dead Man’s Footsteps ***
Sin City 6 **
Four Tales **
The Power Of Six **
Breakfast At Tiffany’s ****
Dead Tomorrow **

Merry Christmas🎄and s hope you have a Happy New Year! 🎉

Frankenstein; or The Modern Play

Last Thursday saw us going to see Danny Boyle‘s take on the classic that is Frankenstein.

Firstly let me tell you that it did not disappoint!

I have seen nearly all of the Frankenstein ‘monster’ movies but it was only last year that I read Mary Shelley‘s novel. The thing about Frankenstein the book is that is is hard to put into a genre. It is a gothic horror but also a love story.It’s a cautionary tale. It deals with almost all the 7 deadly sins. It’s about science, the human spirit, survival. But above all it is about creation. As one of my companions to the performance (and somewhat an expert on all things Frank’)  pointed out  to me was that not one of the main characters has a mother and it is details like this that make the story all the more interesting. That and the story of the author herself. The book is so deep and full of  themes that it is no wonder it has been adapted so many times.

How then do you make it fresh and new? – Well you start by getting an Oscar winning director of film with a history of theatre to make it happen, a BAFTA winning playwrite (Nick Dear)  and 2 fantastic actors to play the leads.  This  play is mainly the story of the creature and not Victor Frankenstein and because if this I think that the play should have used the sub title to the novel The  Modern Prometheus rather than Frankenstein.

We actually saw the play at the Duke Of York Theatre in Brighton via live satellite  link from the National Theatre in London – which is an experience in it self. It’s like being on the stage with the cast – amazing!

Without giving anything away, it is extremely faithful to the book although there are a few amendments but nothing compared to previous attempts of telling the story . The set was incredible -simple yet full of surprises. The best part though was the cast. Benedict Cumberbatch as the creature & Jonny Lee Miller as Victor. Both gave such brilliant performances  and one thing that gives the production a unique twist is that the two leads swap rolls each night!

If you can see it do – if you have not read the book then you must (avoid the films if you can). If you are a fan already then don’t miss Frankenstein’s Wedding: Live in Leeds – a Musical drama based on the novel shown live from Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds on BBC3 tonight at 20.00!