Save the date! Literary event in Worthing!

Some of you may know already know but for those who don’t, we feel that this deserves a shout out…there’s a new literary event in town called: The Write Night!


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The Future Of Story Telling- an opportunity:


Sign up today and join us and hundreds of other people all over the world in a FREE English language course from iVersity

All you need is an Email address or FaceBook account and access to the internet.

The free course takes place online through videos, q&a and quiz like questions.

It will start Friday 25 October and the videos will be available from 10am each Friday for 8 weeks.

So come on and join us in some free learning! It’ll be fun and did I mention free…?

All you need to do is click on this link to sign up today The Future Of Storytelling

Good luck and hope to see you on there 🙂

Inspirational quote for us all – Make good art.


Most of you by now will probably have come across an extract or a link to the ridiculously talented and creative Neil Gaiman’s Make Good Art speech he gave in May 2012.
The speech was given to students graduating from Philadelphia’s University of the Arts.

If you haven’t, then here is a video of the complete speech which I urge you please to watch. It really is something special:

Make Good Art

The speech has become so well known now you can even buy it as a book!
Make Good Art Book

Take Your Pick Tuesday – Free Books from World of Books

Wow! Free books! Get on to World Of Books now. 🙂

Take-Your-Pick-TuesdayThere’s no such thing as a free lunch, right? While that old adage may be true, nobody ever said anything about books.

As you probably know, we love books here. You may also be aware that we handle a fair few every day, hundreds of thousands in fact. But we’re not greedy, in fact we want to share our books with as many people as possible.

So, in a moment of inspired madness, we have decided to literally give them away! That’s right, you can have any one of the titles on the World of Books Bookshelf (we will try to come up with a more original name) absolutely gratis.

What’s the Big Idea?

Well, believe it or not, these are all books that we don’t have space for. With over 2 million books now in stock and fresh titles coming in every day, there just isn’t room at the…

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