Books read in 2013- a quick review!

I won’t keep you long and as everybody quite rightly should read a book themselves to get their own take on them,I won’t give you full reviews on the books we read this year- as like last year each book listed features a Star Rating.

5= Fantastic/Highly recommended.
1= Barely finished.

Not Dead Yet***
Clay **
The Obelisk*
The Night Eternal**
Five Weeks In A Balloon**
Dumb Witness*
Gone Girl*
Chocolat **
Queen Of The Damned**
Never Saw It Coming***
The Bone Bed**
All The Wrong Questions: “Who Could This Be at This Hour?”**
The Vampire Armand**
The Tale Of The Body Thief**
License Renewed*
Dead Man’s Time***
Bad Move****
City Of Bones*
Bad Guys**
Before Watchman 1-4**
Beautiful Creatures*
Memnock The Devil**
The Tower**
The Ocean At The End Of The Lane**
The Host**
World War Z*
The Rise Of Nine**
Marianne Dreams*
Pride & Prejudice ***
Vittorio The Vampire*
It Chooses You****
Fortunately The Milk***
Fringe:The Zodiac Paradox***
Tron: Betrayal*
Death Comes To Pemberley*
Scott Pilgrim Vol.1****
The Book Thief*
Aliens: Steel Egg**
Automated Alice**
Beatrice And Virgil***
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower***
Scott Pilgrim Vol.2**
Son Of Rosemary*
The Mysterious Affair At Styles**
The Ruby In The Smoke**
Scott Pilgrim Vol.3**
Aliens: Earth Hive**
Lone Wolf**
The Shadow In The North**
Aliens: Nightmare Asylum**
Aliens: The Female War**

This year we managed a total of 54 books read. Let’s see if we can beat it for 2014!

If you would like any further info on any of the books listed above, please get in touch.
That’s it. Have a fantastic New Year celebration and we’ll see you on the other side :)🎉🍻🎊



An interview with author Helen J Beal

Recently we interviewed local author Helen Beal. She is the author of 3 books and a collection of short stories.

We talk to her about her writing style, book clubs and…… Scrabble.


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New Top Tips for a planned trip to the Hay Festival in 2013

For the last 2 years now we have enjoyed all that there is to enjoy at the Hay Festival and want to share some Top Tips with anyone who is planning a trip for 2013.

The dates are set for 2013: May 23 – June 2!

Advance “early bird” tickets are already on sale for Friends members. Find out below how YOU can make the most out of your trip in 2013.

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Should books have age restrictions?

Would you class the Twilight saga novels as a 15, an 18, or a 12A (which is the certificate the film received)? What about The Hunger Games? 50 Shades of Grey? Children of Men?

Why do films, video games and even music receive, at the very least, a parental warning sticker on the jacket, while books can be as graphic as the authors like with no mandated cover suggestions, warnings or guides?

And would you implement age restrictions on literature, or let people read what they want, at the age they want?

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Commonwealth Writers & a missed opportunity at this year’s #Hay25

At this years recent Hay Festival, we were privileged to get tickets to the free event which celebrated the first public awards ceremony for the Commonwealth Writers. Continue reading “Commonwealth Writers & a missed opportunity at this year’s #Hay25”

10 Top Tips for a planned trip to Hay Festival 2012

Last year I experienced a week at the awesome literary festival that is Hay and whilst there it occurred to me that if you are from the south of England the idea of travelling all that way could be a bit daunting if you have never been before so I have compiled a list of points that I think will help you when planning your trip:

The Festival it self is almost always on the same dates 31 May -10 June 2012 and what with the 4th AND the 5th being bank holidays, this year is perfect!

1) Book your accommodation as early as possible! Places to stay book up very quickly. You do not need to stay in the town of Hay-On-The-Wye. Especially if you are driving. There are plenty of other small villages within a half hour drive of the festival such as Crickhowell. Although if you can stay on the site ground itself it’s mainly tents (see Festival website for details).

2) Check the website daily as tickets sales are staggered and normally start at the end of January with more events added weekly. Also, follow them on Twitter @hayfestival

3) Become a member! It’s not very expensive & provides you with a member’s pass, allowing you priority event queuing giving the best seats (well worth it if you are there for the week)

4) If you are taking your car then you should note that parking at the event is £5. per day approx but this does go to charity OR you can park a 5 minute walk further for just £3. (Be warned! The parking is on fields (you are in Wales after all!) So you may want to consider which car you take – see point 9)

5) Don’t take any books with you! Trust me when I tell you that you have never seen so many books in one place – also this will allow you to bring back more and you will…..

6) Venture into the town of Hay-On-The-Why AKA The Town Of Books. With over 30 book shops, many pubs and restaurants and shops you wont be bored. There is a shop suited to everyone’s tastes.

7) Take a trip up the Beacons (Black Mountains) for some breathtaking views (see last year’s picture album). Be where though as the drive up is a bit hairy but worth it.

8) Visit the muti award winning tea shop The Old Stable Tea Rooms for a world of choice on teas and the most delicious cakes!

9) Bring clothes for all weather! At this time of year Wales is no different to England and the weather can be very unpredictable. Although all the events at the festival are undercover a lot of the lounge areas are not (including the parking!) so umbrellas and sun cream are a must!

10) If you are an active tweeter/blogger you may want to make a lot of notes and keep this to the evening when you are back at the accommodation (assuming it has Wi-Fi as you will be lucky to get a signal or 3G strength on site.

That’s it! I hope to see you there this year and if you need any more inspiration or have any other questions let me know!